In July, Snapchat unveiled a brand-new web application, expanding the platform’s availability beyond mobile. The web version, which was previously exclusively accessible to premium members, is now open to all users, according to Snapchat.

A list of new features for the autumn season included an announcement today about the wider availability. Users of Snapchat on the web can chat and video call friends, and conversations are synced across devices. Nathan Boyd, the head of messaging products at Snap, stated that a web version of Snapchat was a “unmet opportunity” for the firm in an interview with The Verge in July.

In the same window, users of the web version have additional surface area for chat and video calls with pals. According to a statement made by the firm in July, 100 million people use Snapchat each month to call one another and speak with one another just before they put the app away.

In the beginning, Snapchat on the web was mostly available to Snapchat Plus customers, who pay a small monthly fee for early and special access to features. More than a million users joined up for the paid tier in the first six weeks, which is a hint that Snap’s new revenue model is already succeeding.


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