Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup is expected to be limited upon release, with significant price increases, but it also has some intriguing (and extremely useful) enhancements that enthusiasts will like. They’ve only gotten better since then.

Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, new iPhone release,
Renders of Apple’s iPhone 13 range based on multiple leaks

Bloomberg’s famed Apple insider Mark Gurman has provided a wealth of information regarding the impending iPhone 13 line-up in a new exclusive. Some of it verifies things we already knew, but there are some shocking disclosures as well, especially so close to the film’s debut.

iPhone 13 Surprise Upgrades

Gurman’s main news is around the range’s large new rear cameras, as he’s introduced a fascinating new recording mode called’Cinematic Video,’ which replicates the bokeh effect found in Portrait Mode images in your movies.

Furthermore, while such a function has been rumored in the past, Gurman takes it a step farther. Cinematic Video, he continues, is more than simply a bokeh lawyer, and it’s also configurable, like Portrait Mode, “allowing users to tweak the level of blur after recording” as well as adjust lighting and background effects. This necessitates extremely powerful hardware.

Additionally, Gurman claims that Apple will release a considerably improved system of filters for still photographs.

The new iPhone 13 filters will be able to target certain items and subjects within the photograph, rather just applying the filter to the entire image. If this works half as well in practice as it does in theory, I believe partial/targeted filters will be the next major Instagram craze.

Apple, iPhone, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 release date, iPhone 13 price, iPhone 13 cameras,
iPhone 13 Pro Max model shows its massive new cameras Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Gurman also reveals what appears to be an iPhone 13 Pro-only feature known as ‘ProRes.’ For photos, this is a higher-quality video format akin to ProRAW (currently an iPhone 12-Pro exclusive).

ProRes will be comparable to ProRAW in that it will give users more editing flexibility over their footage.

ProRes will almost certainly take up a lot more storage space than normal video, adding validity to rumors that Apple will release a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro.

iPhone 13 Confirmations

Gurman also corroborated some of the major iPhone 13 leaks we’ve seen so far, in addition to his new revelations.

He claims that Apple will launch 120Hz ProMotion displays (presumably just on Pro models) with a smaller notch, as well as a faster A15 chip.

Gurman has also hinted at an always-on display, and other sources indicate Apple will add next-gen WiFi, a faster 5G modem, considerably larger batteries, and somewhat faster charging.

Apple, on the other hand, has canceled plans to bring back Touch ID for this year’s iPhones, according to Gurman.

Of course, despite Apple’s explicit warning last month, the main question now is whether the company can produce enough iPhone 13 models to meet demand. Or, knowing that the first iPhone 14 leaks have already arrived, the smart money will wait.


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