Snapchat today announced that users will be able to alter their usernames as part of a global upgrade coming later this month. It means you won’t have to establish a new account, and you’ll be able to keep the name you used before. Snapchat claims the new functionality will be accessible on February 23rd for both iOS and Android users.

Go to the profile screen by tapping the Bitmoji icon in the top right corner of the camera to update your username. Select “Change Username” from the gear icon, then “Username.” According to Snapchat’s press release, changing your username will have no effect on your contacts, Snap code, Snap Score, or memories.

You can only change your username once a year, and Snap says you won’t be allowed to choose a handle that has already been used, even by yourself. So, if you were hoping to secure an already-registered but dormant account, this update won’t help you. Plus, it appears that once you convert, your old account is lost forever. According to The Tab, the feature was previously only available to customers in Australia.


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