Google Play Piloting Third-Party Billing in New Markets

Google Play has been expanding its user’s choice of billing services.

Apple issues security update for the almost 10-year-old iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Even though the iPhone 5S is no longer eligible for new iOS releases, Apple nevertheless occasionally provides security updates for it. That is exceptional...

Disney+ and their 2023

Disney+ step into the streaming game has been major with how they’ve steamroller themselves being a major competitor to Netflix. With all these, 2022 came with a lot of hurdles for the streamer. It experienced a lot of major changes including launching its ad-supported tier.

Amazon Prime making moves in 2023

Prime Video made major strides in 2022. They came out swinging in content-wise with being the exclusive home of NFL Thursday Night Football; which had Its first game pulling viewership numbers of over 15.3 million. It also hosts the biggest viewership TV show with The Lord of Rings spin-off The Lord of Rings: Rings of Power

What’s HBO Max in 2023 and beyond

Warner was acquired by Discovery last year for Warner Bros Discovery (WBD). This makes WBD which was always a staple as Warner more powerful and very diverse with their media offerings.

Netflix and their plans for 2023

2022 was a good year for Netflix after a couple of stumbles. They enjoyed a lot of success in content-wise and subscriber count. The company successfully launched its ad tier at $6.99/month giving the consumer another jump on point onto their service and saving a couple of bucks on their streaming habits. The move comes as a valid trend to gain subscribers. It is projected the streamer will gain 7.5 million subscribers.

Ottonomy.IO expansion in Autonomous Deliveries

Ottonomy.IO is a New York-based start-up that is working on solutions product delivery with autonomous robots. The company recently gained $3.3.m in see funding with which they plan to increase their market and delivery robots to its customers.

ChatGPT Apps storm the Play Store and App Store

ChatGPT has been at the forefront of the conversations around AIs. Its popularity has a lot to do with how it provides easy solutions to users and developers. With its wide applications, it has attracted some developers with no-so-good intentions looking for ways to exploit it. It has resulted in developers making clone apps of it for a quick cash grab.

Soul of Blackleaf brings Virtual to Analog Listening Experience

CES has been fun this January. It brings a whole heap of gadgets to it. The Soul of Blackleaf is a really cool-looking speaker that has a quirk to it.

WhatsApp launches major new update to let people chat even when the internet is...

A significant update to WhatsApp has been released that enables communication even when the internet is out. Through the use of...

Apple is raising the price of battery replacements for older iPhones on March 1st

If you're thinking about getting a new battery for an old iPhone, you'll want to act quickly. According to 9to5Mac, Apple will raise the...