While WhatsApp continues to create features for its Android, iOS, and desktop beta apps, the firm also continues to develop features for their Windows beta app that have already been introduced on iOS and Android. In this situation, WhatsApp’s Universal Windows Platform beta app now has the ability to pause and restart voice notes!

WhatsApp just launched the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2223.11.70 update, which provides message reactions to everyone, but there’s more: after installing the current update from the Microsoft Store, WhatsApp is also rolling out the option to pause and restart voice notes!

When you’re recording a voice note, a new pause button appears, as shown in this screenshot. There was a button in the prior update that allowed the user to stop recording. Users could listen to the voice note before transmitting it in this situation, but they couldn’t continue recording it.

Finally, the most recent version adds this capability, which was previously only available on WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and desktop. This suggests WhatsApp is working hard to deliver the same capabilities to its other apps that have previously been introduced.
This feature is available after installing the Microsoft Store update 2.2223.11.70, and it has been made available to all beta users.


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