Kahoot has been acquired by Goldman Sachs

Hey, did you hear the news? Kahoot, the popular online learning platform that lets you create and play quizzes, has been acquired by Goldman Sachs! Yes, you read that right. The investment bank has bought a majority stake in the Norwegian company for a whopping $1.6 billion.

Android 14 Might Introduce Battery Health Feature

Android 14 could add support for a new feature that could give users insights into their device's battery health. New application programming interfaces (APIs)...

ChatGPT Apps storm the Play Store and App Store

ChatGPT has been at the forefront of the conversations around AIs. Its popularity has a lot to do with how it provides easy solutions to users and developers. With its wide applications, it has attracted some developers with no-so-good intentions looking for ways to exploit it. It has resulted in developers making clone apps of it for a quick cash grab.

Google Play Piloting Third-Party Billing in New Markets

Google Play has been expanding its user’s choice of billing services.

Chrome is going to be Tablet-friendly, finally

The tablet version of Chrome comes with new features that make full use of its hardware. It is also very suited to multitasking on big screens.

Trump’s Truth Social is On Play Store

Truth Social got the all-clear to be on Play store after it agreed to have checks for such posts on it.

iPhone overtakes Android to claim majority of US smartphone market

For the first time, iPhones outnumber all other types of smartphones in usage in the United States. According to data from analytics firm Counterpoint...

WhatsApp is releasing the ability to view status updates within the chat list

Some lucky beta testers on WhatsApp beta for Android are now able to view status updates within the chat list, after the release of some upgrades for status updates,...

Android 13 is officially releasing today

Google has announced that Android 13—this year's main Android update—is officially launching today for its Pixel smartphones. The annual update will be officially released...

Apple, Google, and Microsoft plan to implement passwordless sign-in on all major platforms in...

On May 5th, World Password Day, we may have taken another step toward making passwords obsolete. Apple, Google, and Microsoft said...



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