533 Million Facebook Users’ Phone Numbers and Personal Data Leaked Online.

The personal data of 533 million Facebook Inc. users resurface online for free on Saturday, a reminder of the company’s ability to collect mountains of information and its struggles to protect these sensitive assets.

The the data that was leaked includes personal information on 533 million Facebook users, such as phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birth dates, marital status broken, account creation date, and other profile details down by country and in some cases email addresses, reported by Business Insider.

Picture posted by the hacker regarding the leak

At the time, facebook addressed a weakness in its technology that allowed the information to leak out. However, as we all know once such data break free from Facebook’s network, the company has limited power to stop it from spreading online

While this data dump appears to have sold in cybercrime communities at least since last year, a Telegram bot that appeared on the scene earlier this January helped users to look up a phone number and receive the corresponding user’s Facebook ID, or vice versa for a fee.

Since the data is now available in the public domain for free, it’s likely that the leak will allow malicious adversaries to exploit information for social engineering, marketing scams, and other cybercrimes activites.

Facebook Users who have shared their phone numbers and email addresses with Facebook and have not changed them since 2019 are advised to watch out for possible, spam calls, fraud and phishing attacks involves a text message in an SMS or a phone number.



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