1.The initial Apple logo isn’t exactly what you’d expect.


The initial Apple logo isn’t exactly what you’d expect.
Sir Isaac Newton was originally depicted as seated beneath a tree, with an apple poised to fall on his head.

It was created in 1976 and contained the phrase “Newton.A mind perpetually voyaging through strange oceans of thought…alone” around the border. It appears to be quite dark!

2.“Android” is gender-specific.

The term “Android” refers to a human who resembles a male robot. A “Gynoid” is the female version of this word.

3.Every month, billions of Google searches are conducted.

Billions of searches are done on Google.

Every month, over 35 billion Google searches are conducted.

The top three most Googled words in May 2019 were “Facebook” (233 million searches), “Youtube” (194 million searches), and “Amazon” (103 million searches).

4.Around 6,000 new computer viruses are generated and distributed every month

Since 1990, when there were only 50 known computer viruses, this number has climbed dramatically.
90% of emails now include malware, yet the majority of consumers are unaware of it.

5.Music content makes up 5% of YouTube.

Even though 5% may appear to be a little percentage, it is the most popular sort of video on YouTube. They account for 20% of all views on YouTube!



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