Elon Musk lifts Donald Trump’s Twitter ban

Donald Trump was banned from using Twitter in January 2021 After conducting a poll in which the decision was narrowly supported by users, Twitter's new...

Facebook Is Removing Religious and Political Information Fields from User Profiles

Facebook is removing a couple of information field from user’s profile.

Onlyfans is introducing shopping on the app

You can get creators' merch on their Onlyfans.

What Are the Actual Consequences of TikTok and Other Apps Collecting Your Data?

Most of us are aware that social media companies collect massive amounts of information about us. This allows them to target us with ads...

Snapchat embraces the World Cup mood

Snapchat is introducing a slew of World Cup-related features ahead of the tournament to get users engaged in the competition.

Google Play Piloting Third-Party Billing in New Markets

Google Play has been expanding its user’s choice of billing services.

Reddit introduces muting in the communities

Reddit adds a new feature to its platform. It allows you to mute communities.

WhatsApp is releasing the ability to open the chat with your own phone number...

We published information about some updates to the WhatsApp beta app for Android and iOS at the end of October regarding the ability to send messages to oneself. Actually,...

Instagram brings in-app scheduling for Creators and Professionals

Instagram has finally announced that it is bringing an in-app scheduling feature

Zoom introduces its Email and Calendar

Here comes Zoom with in-app calendar and email service.



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