Photo by Oscar Vargas on Unsplash

From the TechCrunch event this week, Netflix announces its serious intention of moving into the cloud gaming space. The company is creating new offices in Southern California to tackle this project. This will serve as a new branch of the company. All this was announced by the Netflix VP of Gaming, Mike Verdu.

The California studio will be led by Chako Sonny a former executive who left “Overwatch” at Blizzard. His tenure at Blizzard was a massive success it netted billions for the company.

It has developed 14 games in its own studios and has 35 games on the service now. There is a sum total of 55 games now as was mentioned by Verdu at the event. Some of these games include experiences based on original IPs like “Stranger Things,” as well as licensed IPs like “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Netflix is also developing original games. The company hopes to move into a balance of 50% of its IP and others to have a balance.

Netflix is in its infancy in gaming and is not ruling out any plans for expansions into mobile. Is to be noted that it won’t be moving in consoles or beyond that in VR space.

The news of the gaming studio launch and cloud gaming plans arrives as Netflix is announcing its Q3 earnings, which sees the streamer beating its set goals with the addition of 2.41 million subscribers.



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