2022 was a good year for Netflix after a couple of stumbles. They enjoyed a lot of success in content-wise and subscriber count. The company successfully launched its ad tier at $6.99/month giving the consumer another jump on point onto their service and saving a couple of bucks on their streaming habits. The move comes as a valid trend to gain subscribers. It is projected the streamer will gain 7.5 million subscribers.

Netflix rebounded in Q3 of 2022 after worrying signs when it lost 1.2 million global subscribers. They gained 2.4 million in Q3, something that brought their total subscribers to a count of 223 million subscribers. Moving in 2023, the streamer comes with 3 major steps to help improve their subscriber count and make consumers’ life on the platform a lot simpler.

The company is launching the “Extra Members” feature to monetize password sharing. An extra charge will be required for additional accounts. There will be a prompt for an extra charge if you want to add a sub-account. There is also “Profile Transfer”. It lets members on existing accounts transfer their profiles to new accounts. This is all part of getting the full dollar from people who share accounts. Also, “Manage Access and Devices” is a feature that allows users to log out of devices they don’t want to be signed into.

On the content side, there is also live streaming on the horizon for subscribers. Their first setup comes early this year with Chris Rock’s new special. This is his first special following the Oscars incident. This gets sports fans very excited but that is not on the cards for the company as they deemed it not profitable enough. Gaming is something to look up to. Netflix has plans in motion after setting up their new gaming offices in San Francisco and giving it a major focus. Cloud gaming is the focus.

With all these big swings, Netflix is putting itself in space to continue its dominance in years to come. There is also the possibility that Netflix might dabble into PC gaming something that’s deduced from their recent hires. There is also an expansion in their mobile gaming library.


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