Backbone launches An Android Game Controller

Backbone, a company focused on augmenting phones with controls of consoles finally released its Android offering.

Zoom introduces its Email and Calendar

Here comes Zoom with in-app calendar and email service.

Elon Musk at Twitter’s HQ

In the latest Twitter stint by Elon Musk, he changes his bio to “Chief Twit” announcing that he will be owning the platform very soon.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ set New Tencent Record

Image Source: Spotify/ Twitter The pop star's latest album “Midnights” sets a new record on Tencent’s QQ music. QQ music is one of the largest...

Netflix is moving into Cloud Gaming

Netflix announces its serious intention of moving into the cloud gaming space.

Microsoft Designer to be powered by DALL-E 2

Microsoft Designer and Image Creator in Bing and Edge are to be powered by DALL-E 2.

Netflix releases its Ad support tier Ahead of Disney+

Netflix is rolling out its ad support tier a month earlier ahead of Disney+.

Microsoft Welcomes Apple Services

After introducing facetime links to be accessible on Android devices, it seems Apple is reaching out to other various ecosystems.

Twitter sale is on…Again?

Twitter sale is back on…again, Musk claims.

TikToker is circulating viral videos about the Ukraine conflict

Marta Vasyuta is a normal Ukrainian woman in her twenties. And, like many of her peers, she uses TikTok.


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