Netflix to broadcast PGA Tour and Formula 1 this November

Netflix, the streaming giant that has dominated the entertainment industry for years, is venturing into new territory: live sports. Starting in November 2023, Netflix will offer live coverage of two major sports events: the PGA Tour and the Formula 1 World Championship.

Google is testing a new AI tool that can write news articles

Google is developing a new artificial intelligence tool that can generate news articles from data and facts. The tool is called "Genesis", internally. It is designed to help journalists and content creators produce high-quality and accurate stories in a faster and easier way.

Kahoot has been acquired by Goldman Sachs

Hey, did you hear the news? Kahoot, the popular online learning platform that lets you create and play quizzes, has been acquired by Goldman Sachs! Yes, you read that right. The investment bank has bought a majority stake in the Norwegian company for a whopping $1.6 billion.

Google’s Bard being officially launched in the EU

Google has announced that its new natural language generation system, Bard, is now available for users in the European Union. Bard is a state-of-the-art neural network that can produce coherent and fluent texts on various topics and domains, such as news, fiction, poetry, and more. Bard is powered by Google's massive data and computing resources and leverages the latest advances in deep learning and natural language processing.

Pokémon GO’s creators making a Monster Hunter game

Pokémon GO is Niantic’s most popular game and with its success comes its creators trying to spread their wings. Niantic is making moves to expand its game portfolio. They announced a partnership with Capcom to launch a game in the Monster Hunter franchise. The game is coming this year and it will be mobile.

What’s HBO Max in 2023 and beyond

Warner was acquired by Discovery last year for Warner Bros Discovery (WBD). This makes WBD which was always a staple as Warner more powerful and very diverse with their media offerings.

Netflix and their plans for 2023

2022 was a good year for Netflix after a couple of stumbles. They enjoyed a lot of success in content-wise and subscriber count. The company successfully launched its ad tier at $6.99/month giving the consumer another jump on point onto their service and saving a couple of bucks on their streaming habits. The move comes as a valid trend to gain subscribers. It is projected the streamer will gain 7.5 million subscribers.

Ottonomy.IO expansion in Autonomous Deliveries

Ottonomy.IO is a New York-based start-up that is working on solutions product delivery with autonomous robots. The company recently gained $3.3.m in see funding with which they plan to increase their market and delivery robots to its customers.

Soul of Blackleaf brings Virtual to Analog Listening Experience

CES has been fun this January. It brings a whole heap of gadgets to it. The Soul of Blackleaf is a really cool-looking speaker that has a quirk to it.

Backbone launches An Android Game Controller

Backbone, a company focused on augmenting phones with controls of consoles finally released its Android offering.


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