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Disney+ has had its ad support tier in the works for months now. The decision is a strategy to gain more subscriber as their subscription prices increases. Their ad tier is something that has been in play with the majority of Disney-owned streaming service, Hulu. It has been a success in driving profits for Hulu. Netflix is rolling out its ad support tier a month earlier ahead of Disney+.

After a loss of 970,000 subscribers after July’s quarter, Netflix hopes the ad tier will help bolster profits for the final quarter of the year. The new subscription plan will be available in November. It will be commerce across 12 countries at various dates and various price points.

Canada and Mexico subscribers are the first to try the new plan on November 1. It will then roll out to the U.S at a price of $6.99. In the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Brazil on November 3. Spain will be the last to experience the cheaper tier when it launches on November 10.

Not only is it a cheaper price than its competitor, but it also maintains the prices at all the ad-free plans.

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The ad will only be 15 or 30 seconds long and will play before and during shows and movies. Netflix movies on the service will get pre-roll ads and not have interruptions. However, older movies will get midroll ads as well as pre-roll. There will be a limited ad load to an average of 4-5 minutes of ads per hour, which is Disney+’s plan as well. The ad-supported tier won’t have the highest resolution the streamer has to off but will have the highest resolution 720. Also, offline viewing won’t be available for this tier. It also comes with the downsides of not having all the content Netflix has to offer because of some of the right associated. The streamer promises on having a resolution as soon as possible.

Image credits: Netflix


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