truth social
Image credits: Truth Social

Truth Social, part of Donald Trump’s TMTG corporation is an open, free social media platform that is a huge proponent of free speech. It has been allowed to finally be on Google’s Play store. This comes as a huge win for the platform last Wednesday.

The social media platform has been Apple store for months now but failed to make it to Play store. It was not banned from the platform but its permission was under review by Google. Unlike iOS, Android apps can be installed from a third-party app store or straight from the company’s available gateway.

It failed to meet Play store guidelines back in August of this year. The hold-up was due to Google finding some posts on their platform that as inappropriate for their association with the platform. Some of the reason for the inherent delay of its approval includes posts of physical threats and other that incites physical violence.

Truth Social got the all-clear to be on Play store after it agreed to have checks for such posts on it. It is to be noted that Google prohibits content that provokes hate. As of now, is not clear Truth Social plans to handle such situations. It is to be observed in the near future that checks will be made if such measures are in place. It doesn’t have clear guidelines for operation like some of the mainstream social platforms.


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