Image Credits: Soul of Blackleaf

CES has been fun this January. It brings a whole heap of gadgets to it. The Soul of Blackleaf is a really cool-looking speaker that has a quirk to it.

Soul of Blackleaf is a Bluetooth speaker that brings visual experience to the audio listening experience. The speaker comes with a ferromagnetic fluid sealed in a hexagonal transparent container that is housed in the speaker. The center has c cool LED lighting around the fluid. All this is packaged in an unusual shape for the speaker. It is an interesting set piece, to say the least. The centerpiece reacts with the sound through the speaker to provide the spectacle. Sound detection is a patented technology developed in-house. Visuals change every time you play something with the speaker.  From the founder of Black leaf, Chris Lamm, the speaker is produced in Taiwan and is set for mass production for the overseas market.

Image Credits: Facebook of Soul of Blackleaf

Getting this speaker comes at a price. It is priced at $400. To add some style to your music listening experience this might be something to consider, maybe a wish list or some sort of present. With the Soul of Blackleaf, there is definitely a spectacle to watch out for, to quote the founder, “this is a way to feel the music”.


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