For the first time, iPhones outnumber all other types of smartphones in usage in the United States. According to data from analytics firm Counterpoint Research, the iPhone surpassed the whole Android ecosystem in June to capture 50 percent of the US market share. As a result, Apple now has the largest proportion of the American smartphone market. Apple accomplished the milestone thanks to the iPhone’s “active installed base,” a number that includes all consumers who use an iOS device after acquiring a used one.

iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) never had a market share of more than 50% in the early days of the iPhone. Companies like Blackberry, Nokia, and Motorola dominated the smartphone market at the time. By 2010, two years after its launch, Android has surpassed iOS in terms of install base. According to Statcounter, Google’s mobile operating system has been the dominant force in the worldwide smartphone market since then, claiming more than 70% market share as of 2022.

Google most likely has nothing to be concerned about. After all, the iPhone has always had a disproportionate presence in the United States in comparison to other markets. Nonetheless, the firm is most certainly closely monitoring the situation. “This is a significant milestone that we potentially see replicated in other rich countries throughout the world,” Counterpoint’s research director Jeff Fieldhack told The New York Times. Apple dominated the premium smartphone market in Q2 2022, accounting for 57 percent of all sales in the sector and showing no signs of slowing down.


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