Today, all iPhone devices starting with the iPhone 8 will be compatible with Apple’s newest software upgrade, iOS 16.

The operating system has a number of new features that were first teased back in June, and the launch date was officially announced during Apple’s ‘Far Out’ presentation last week.

A new lock screen, the option to delete emails and messages, and the establishment of an iCloud Shared Photo Library are a few of these.

A new “Lockdown Mode” that limits the functioning of the device to shield it against cyberattacks is also available.

According to a post in Apple’s website, iOS 16 is “designed to take use of the enhanced capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro and boasts a revamped Lock Screen along with new communication, sharing, and intelligence features that together change the way consumers enjoy iPhone.”

The main features of iOS 16 are fully examined by MailOnline, along with information on how to obtain the upgrade.

Personalised lockscreen 

The ability to customize the lockscreen is iOS 16’s major improvement.

Users can decide whether to display a selection of widgets in the lockscreen, highlight their favorite photos, or change the font styles.

If you frequently check the weather, for instance, you might decide to permanently add a weather widget to your iPhone’s lockscreen.

Additionally, you may link distinct lock screens to various “focus modes,” such as one for work and one for personal use.

The ability to customize the lockscreen is iOS 16’s major improvement. Users can decide whether they want to display a selection of widgets in the lockscreen, showcase their favorite photographs, and change the font styles.

Additionally, new “Focus Filters” can be used to block messages from coworkers while away from the office or distracting content from apps during working hours.

With a multilayered appearance that skillfully positions photo subjects in front of the time and newly designed widgets that deliver information at a glance, the Lock Screen is more personalized, beautiful, and practical than ever, according to Apple.

The wallpaper gallery provides a variety of selections, including Apple collections, a weather wallpaper that displays current weather conditions as they change throughout the day, an astronomy wallpaper that displays views of the Earth, moon, and solar system, and many more.


If you frequently make errors, you’ll be glad to know that the Messages app is getting a number of useful new tools.

Apple stated, “You can now amend a message you’ve just sent or completely unsend a recent message.”

And if you’re unable to react right away but want to return to a message later, you can mark it as unread.

In the first 15 minutes after sending, messages can be changed or deleted.


The “ideal way to share photographs with your family,” according to Apple, is through the new iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Users can share their shared library with up to five other people and decide what to put in it based on a start date or the individuals in the pictures.

When the shared library is configured, Apple said, “you can share photographs instantaneously right from Camera, choose to share automatically when other shared library members are around, and get intelligent suggestions for adding photos to the shared library in For You.”


Mail’s search feature has been enhanced to get more precise and comprehensive results.

Users can now cancel emails within 10 seconds of tapping the send button, much like with Messages.

Apple advertised the ability to “easily undo” a message that has already been sent, schedule messages to be sent at any time, and receive alerts to follow up or return to a message later.

Live Text

Live Text has been updated and now supports video in addition to having easy actions.

Apple stated that the addition of the ability to instantly translate text, convert currencies, and recognize text in video will make Live Text more potent.

For instance, you could take a picture of the price tag on a punnet of grapes and your iPhone would instantly translate the price to your local currency if you were traveling in France and needed to know how much the fruit was going to cost.

Additionally, you will be able to copy text from videos and directly paste it into messages, web browsers, or phone numbers.

Apple’s Live Text tool has been updated and is now available for video and features quick actions
You will also be able to copy text from videos, and paste it straight into a message, web browser or call a phone number.

Live Captions

Real-time transcription for videos and audio will be a feature of the upgrade, making it easier for people with hearing impairments to record conversations.

This feature, known as “Live Captions,” may be enabled in the Settings app under “Accessibility” and will be applied to every audio played on the device.

When watching videos, FaceTime sessions, or phone calls, captions will then appear at the top of the screen, and the font size can be adjusted.

‘My Sports’  in News

‘My Sports,’ a brand-new feature of the News app, allows you to choose your preferred teams across several sports.

The app will then establish a section featuring just those teams, featuring results, content, and video highlights.

‘My Sports,’ a brand-new feature of the News app, allows you to choose your preferred teams across several sports. Following that, the app will establish a section featuring solely those teams, including results, news items, and video highlights.


You may now plan ahead and add several stops to your itineraries in Apple Maps.

According to Apple, you may simply browse prior itineraries in Recents or plan several stops along your trip in advance.

You can look up directions on your Mac and view them on your iPhone when you’re ready to travel because Maps syncs with all of your devices.

Visual Look Up 

The new operating system will have a useful photo cropping function dubbed “Visual Look Up.”

The foreground of photographs can now be copied by iPhone XS or later owners, who can subsequently paste those objects into other apps without the background.

This is possible with pictures taken with the camera, screenshots, sneak peeks, and online images.

Additionally, it has the ability to recognize objects in images such as statues, dogs, insects, and birds.

Health and Fitness

The Health app now contains a new Medications option from Apple.

The Health app’s new “Medications” function, according to the statement, “helps you manage, track, and understand the medications you take.”

Users will now be able to use the Fitness app even if they don’t own an Apple Watch, in the meantime.

Even if you don’t own an Apple Watch, the Fitness app can still assist you in tracking and achieving your fitness objectives, according to Apple.

Your steps, distance traveled, and outside exercises will now estimate your calories in order to help you reach your daily movement target using the iPhone’s motion sensors.

Lockdown Mode

Lockdown Mode is a new security feature that iPhone users should hope to never have to use.

While in Lockdown Mode, the device strictly limits its functionality in order to reduce the possible ways hackers can break into it.  

This includes blocking all messages and calls from people the user does not know, as well as access to Shared Photos.

It switches off link previews in messages, as it has been found that IP address information can be transferred when a user sends a URL that appears with a preview.

It also disables certain features on web pages that could make the phone susceptible to attack, and blocks you from opening attachments.

The phone cannot receive FaceTime calls or invitations for calendar events from contacts the phone has never communicated with before. 

It also blocks wired connections to your device, preventing anyone with physical access to your phone or computer from being able to download its contents.

While in Lockdown Mode, the device strictly limits its functionality in order to reduce the possible ways hackers can break into it. Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology Officer at NordVPN, said: ‘The mode is not something you can simply toggle on and off without a full system reset’

Lockdown Mode is Apple’s newest and heaviest cybersecurity weapon, according to Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology Officer of NordVPN.

It’s a feature that intelligence agents likely take for granted, but has now been made available to a much larger public.

Users may build up the iPhone equivalent of Fort Knox in a few of swipes, shielding their device’s data from prying eyes of would-be hackers.

Once activated, it limits the activities that are permitted on your device, making it much harder for thieves to target.

However, using Lockdown Mode has a price. In the same way that driving a tank won’t likely result in any speed records, using this security measure will limit how well your iPhone performs and what you can accomplish with it.

The mode cannot be turned on and off without performing a complete system reset.

Lockdown Mode is like using a sledgehammer to smash a nut, unless you are a high-ranking government official or possess important state or business secrets.

Running the option could persuade anyone tracking your phone that you have something worth stealing if criminals are actually interested in your device.


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