Image Credits: Elon Musk / Twitter

In the latest Twitter stint by Elon Musk, he changes his bio to “Chief Twit” announcing that he will be owning the platform very soon. Ahead of his legal battle with the social network, Musk has been mandated by the judge residing on the trial to make concrete moves in his efforts to purchase the platform by this Friday.

This explains him being over there in San Francisco at Twitter HQ. it suggests he is there to work on the purchase deal. If he is unable able to do as the court-mandated, the trial of Elon vs Twitter will resume. They will have to be in court in November to continue their legal battle.

The Tesla CEO posted a video of himself at Twitter’s head offices in San Francisco. He walks in holding a kitchen sink. A post was captioned with a funny nod to the sink meme. It’s good to see him maintain his humor amidst all this talk. This kind of meme-leaning humor is popular on the platform. The engagement after the tweet seems highly appreciated.

It has been reported that Musk has been in touch with his banker to finance the deal on Friday as part of the final steps. The deal is being financed by the banks providing $13 billion in debt. Twitter’s head of people and chief marketing officer Leslie Berland sent a memo to staff saying that Musk will address staff directly on Friday as reported by Bloomberg.


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