Facebook Is Removing Religious and Political Information Fields from User Profiles

Facebook is removing a couple of information field from user’s profile.

Discord partners with Crunchyroll

Discord joins forces with Crunchyroll to allow its users to the movie and TV shows they are currently watching in their profile.

Onlyfans is introducing shopping on the app

You can get creators' merch on their Onlyfans.

Hinge makes Non-Monogamous Connections Easier

The dating app released a new feature “Relationship Type” today.

What Are the Actual Consequences of TikTok and Other Apps Collecting Your Data?

Most of us are aware that social media companies collect massive amounts of information about us. This allows them to target us with ads...

Backbone launches An Android Game Controller

Backbone, a company focused on augmenting phones with controls of consoles finally released its Android offering.

Snapchat embraces the World Cup mood

Snapchat is introducing a slew of World Cup-related features ahead of the tournament to get users engaged in the competition.

Google Play Piloting Third-Party Billing in New Markets

Google Play has been expanding its user’s choice of billing services.

Reddit introduces muting in the communities

Reddit adds a new feature to its platform. It allows you to mute communities.

What is revealed in the Netflix documentary ‘FIFA Uncovered’ about Sepp Blatter and corruption?

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter appears prominently in the new Netflix four-part documentary 'FIFA Uncovered,' which premieres on the eve of the 2022 Qatar...