Scheduling posts, ads, and reels have been a cry for social media managers on Instagram.  It has been a service done through Creative Studio or third-party apps. The company has finally announced that it is bringing an in-app scheduling feature. The launch comes after a few weeks of testing from some selected users.

Instagram’s scheduling offers users of professional accounts to schedule posts, reels, and carousels for up to 75 days. The new tool can be accessed through “Advanced Settings >> Schedule Posts”. These are the steps used to progress to schedule posts. You will follow through by selecting the date and time you want your post to go live the finish with “Schedule”.  Creators will be able to access scheduled content through a section available in the menu. You can also reschedule there.

There is an additional feature, “Achievements” in reels. Creators will be able to unlock this with certain actions with respect to reels. These include collaborating with another creator, engaging with their community by making reels more interactive, making more than one reel in a week, or using trending audio and effects. Users will be able to track their achievements and will be notified once achievements have been unlocked. Achievements is testing globally starting this week.


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