HarmonyOS, the operating system developed by Huawei. HarmonyOS will now be installed in a wider range of products, including its smartphones.

Hwawei set to launch and use Harmony OS on its smartphones in Asia on 2 June.

The date to launch the OS across the globe is not yet out.

US banned Huawei last year which prevented Huawei devices from working fully with Google’s Android platform because it blocked access to essential apps like Gmail.

HarmonyOS was available on some smart TVs but now the tech company wants to roll out on its smartphones.

Former US President Donald Trump imposed ban on the tech company but did not stop Huawei devices from using Android altogether but limited their functionality.

Ben Wood, chief analyst at CCS Insight said “HarmonyOS is designed to provide the glue between a growing array of connected devices that Huawei is targeting”.

“Huawei hoping to use a single software platform that extends in all directions, providing a seamless experience to customers that buy into its ecosystem of products like Apple’s iOS platform”

The tech giant is anticipating 300 million devices to be equipped with HarmonyOS by the end of the year.

“Social media users have picked up on how the characters for ‘harmony’, ‘hong’ and ‘meng’, meaning ‘ambition’, and ‘kindness'”, she said.

More than 17 million Weibo users have read posts that include the hashtag ‘TheHarmonySmartphoneSystemIsHere’.” reported by the Chinese media.


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