If you use iOS, you’re probably accustomed to selecting “Report Junk” whenever you receive a spam iMessage in order to transmit the relevant information to Apple. According to MacRumors, iOS 16 beta 2, which was made available today to developers and will be made available to the general public in July, may soon include garbage SMS texts in the reporting tool. Apple hasn’t said which carriers will receive the functionality; it is only available for a select few.

When a user marks an SMS message as garbage, Apple and the carrier for their phone or device will receive the text’s number and contents. The next iOS version will eliminate the need for users to transmit the full message to a four-digit number in order to report undesired texts to a phone carrier, which will save time for customers. Users will still need to manually block the number because reporting a message as garbage does not do so.

You are not dreaming if you’ve seen an increase in shady texts offering free gift cards or arrival notifications for products you didn’t order. Due in part to data breaches and the availability of software that makes it simple for scammers to send such messages in bulk, spam and scam SMS messages are on the rise. According to an estimate from the spam-blocking app RoboKiller, about 12 billion spam SMS were sent in the US during the month of May.

If you’re hesitant to install the iOS 16 beta, you won’t have to wait long. Apple plans to make iOS 16 available to the general public in the fall.


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