YouTube has been establishing itself as a competitor in short-form video content for a while now. Here comes YouTube Shorts. Shorts has been YouTube’s answer to TikTok’s reign in this space. Several actions and measures have been and are being put in place to ensure YouTube becomes dominant in this area. One of these is the monetization of Shorts in the upcoming year. With this, the platform is pushing for shorts to be viewed everywhere. Here come YouTube Shorts on TV.

The company has updated its smart TV app to allow Shorts to be viewed on TV. This was very challenging as the short videos are vertical in nature and are viewed strictly in the portrait of mobile devices. The new updates bring this experience to smart TVs.  This will be available on TVs from 2019 or later, streaming devices, or gaming consoles. This will be featured on the homepage of the app. It will offer various options from subscribers and things you might like.

Image Credits: YouTube

Among the various form factors considered for the migration, the blurred extra space method was considered the best for users to be in the immersive Shorts experience. The reactions available will be the thumbs-up and down buttons on the view. Users will be offered a functionality off to the side of the video that will include information about the creator, and the sound used in the video. You can also use the remote to pause and play the video from playing by clicking directly on the short or by using the buttons on the remote control itself. Scrolling through the videos can be done with the volume controls on the remote. The company intends to add extra features as the use of the platform continues.


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