WhatsApp has received a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the current version to
What’s new in this version of the game? For a future release, WhatsApp is working on the option to export your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive!

We announced some adjustments to your Google Drive backup quota back in January. In particular, their plans suggested that in the future, Google would offer a restricted plan for storing WhatsApp backups. There have been no additional updates since then, so we don’t know if anything has changed in the meanwhile, but there is some good news today: WhatsApp is now working on the ability to export Google Drive backups!

There will be a new option at the bottom of your backup settings, as seen in this screenshot, that allows users to export their backup from Google Drive in the future. The backup contained all of your conversations, photos, videos, and other media items from the chat. In addition, WhatsApp is going to develop a feature that would allow users to re-import the same backup from Google Drive. Users will now have greater control over their Google Drive backups in the future thanks to this feature.

We don’t know why WhatsApp is working on a comparable functionality, whether it’s because of the above-mentioned modifications or because the exported backup may be imported later on WhatsApp for iOS. There will be another article on this website as further information becomes available. In the meanwhile, we can only state that the export feature is in the works and will be available to beta users in a future version.


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