Following the release of the option to add up to 32 people to a group conversation, WhatsApp is now rolling out additional group call features to users, including the ability to mute or message particular persons on a call on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS!

Some new features for group calls are now available on WhatsApp: this is the last announcement published by Will Cathcart on Twitter some minutes ago. The first feature is about an indicator placed at the bottom of the group call that informs all participants that someone joined the group call, but it is not all:

When you place a group call on WhatsApp for Android and iOS (including non-beta versions of the program), new options are accessible, as seen in these screenshots: you may rapidly message or mute any person on a group conversation.

The ability to silence certain people on a call, in example, is extremely useful when someone forgets to mute themself. It’s worth noting that the ability to mute is not confined to the caller; anyone can do so.
This is available to those who download the most recent version of the app. Don’t worry if you don’t have these features enabled on your WhatsApp account:

WhatsApp is gradually rolling them out to more people each day, with additional activations scheduled in the coming days, so be sure to update your WhatsApp version from the App Store, Play Store, or TestFlight.


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