WhatsApp is introducing new privacy controls to give users more control over who sees their profile photo, “About,” “Last seen,” and WhatsApp Status. These new options were first made available to a small group of beta testers last year, but it’s only now that they’re being made available to the general public.

WhatsApp said in a recent tweet that granular privacy control settings are now available to all users. Previously, you could make your WhatsApp Status, Last Seen, and About information available to 1) everyone, 2) your contacts, or 3) both. 3) entirely concealed However, a new option called “My contacts except…” has been added. With this option, you can establish a list of contacts who won’t be able to see your profile photo, status, or other information, while the rest of your contacts will be able to see it. It’s akin to a blacklist.

To try it out, go to Account > Privacy from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. With the current version of WhatsApp, the updated privacy settings have been broadly rolled out.

In related news, WhatsApp recently released one of the most desired features of all time: the ability to transfer conversations from an Android handset to an iPhone. It also expanded the maximum group size from 256 to 512 persons.

WhatsApp is said to be working on a slew of new features. We reported earlier this month that the firm may soon allow users to edit sent text messages, a service that its competitor Telegram has had for years. It’s also working on a feature that will allow you to link your WhatsApp account to a second smartphone.


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