W11 Taskman Color

In a live stream yesterday, Microsoft disclosed that a future Insider release of Windows 11 will have a redesigned Task Manager software that displays your system accent color in the heatmap columns of the performance tab. This update came after Microsoft updated the Task Manager’s look to match the rest of Windows 11’s user interface.

Currently, the new Task Manager uses the same color scheme as the previous Task Manager, which is a mustard-ish color that doesn’t look great in dark mode. These columns will now simply follow the accent color that the user selects in the Windows Settings program, a good minor adjustment that improves the appearance of the new Task Manager.

The live stream also demonstrated the new design in general, as well as some of the upgraded Task Manager capabilities that will be available shortly, such as a new efficiency mode option that limits resource usage for programs that the user specifies. Many important in-box apps, such as the Settings app, Alarms and Clock, Notepad, Paint, and others, have been upgraded for Windows 11. Task Manager is the most recent app to receive the new look.

The next major version of Windows 11 from Microsoft is likely to be released in the fall of this year. Microsoft is presently testing version 22H2 with Insiders in the Dev and Beta Channels, and it contains this new Task Manager, as well as other new features and improvements. Improvements to the tablet experience, tweaks to the Start menu, and other UI upgrades have all been prioritized in order to make Windows 11 feel more consistent.


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