Apple fans have been grinning from ear to ear as of late because of the rumors of a new MacBook Pro has finally been put to rest. Yes, there are two new MacBook Pro laptops available right this very minute for preorder. You may want to break open your piggy bank to see if all those coins you’ve been saving up are enough to get the MacBook of your dreams. As Apple lovers already know, these new MacBooks are anything but cheap, and you’ll pay a hefty price for the latest technology.

Now let’s turn our attention to the specs of the machines that are now available through Apple:

First off, you have your choice between 14.2-inch and 16.2 displays. Then, you’ll find that the SSDs are up to 2x faster, and they go all the way up to 8TB of storage. That means even if you’re a video editor, there’s plenty of space for you to get your work done on these MacBooks.

You’ll find that the processors are right on the money when it comes to speed and performance. The chips are either M1 Pro chip or the M1 Max, depending on which model you want. Both are 10-core CPUs that have two high-efficiency cores and eight high-performance cores.

The difference between the Pro and Max models comes down to GPU performance. If you’re a high-end user who uses their computer to do resource-intense things, you’ll want to go with the Max model. It’s always a good idea to go for the high-end model if you have the money because even if you don’t need the speed and power, you’ll be able to use your computer longer because it won’t become outdated as quickly.

The pro supports up to 32 gigs of memory, while the Max supports up to 64 gigs. That’s more than enough memory for whatever you want to do. Of course, the amount of memory you need depends on what tasks you’re going to do. Heavy users and those who want to put off upgrading for as long as possible will want to get as much memory as they can afford. It’s the best way to ensure that your computer will continue to be useable for years to come.

So, which MacBook will you choose?

Will you choose the Pro or the Max? For many, the decision will solely be based on how much money they have. But, as always, if you can spare the extra change, go for the best that you can afford. You’ll thank yourself in a few years when your apps have swollen in both size and memory, and you’re still able to keep up with them.


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