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TikTok has broken into the social media game and has become the pacesetter. With their wide popularity and reach, a lot of companies adopting some of their in-app features. With everyone folding, Reddit also follows the trend. They just announced a new update on their platform. The new updates come with a two-split feature to organize feed into video and text-based posts.

This new feature is known as “Read” and “Watch” which sounds as unoriginal as it gets but it is comprehensive.  Read will host a text-based feed and Watch will group the video part of it. Users will have options to opt-in for which they prefer. As of now, the new feature is in the test phase mode and this is to work out the kinks. The public should expect the feature in the upcoming weeks as it was made known to TechCrunch. Read and Watch feeds will have posts from subscribed communities along with recommendations, that’s for now, the spokesperson added.

The reason for the updates is a way for Reddit to simplify its discovery experience. This also gives user agency in what they read or chooses to watch. It is thought that these new updates will help remove some of the clutter from the user experience for new and existing experiences. It makes exploration of the platform’s communities and content come with ease.

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Other updates are on the horizon for Reddit. There are plans to introduce a re-organise interface to declutter the app. Some of the changes coming through are; storefront improvements, chat upgrades, and others. The latest among these was the recent new search capability feature. It allowed users to search for comments within a post. It came in Reddit across all platforms

All these changes come as no surprise as the company wants to jump at the goldmine that TikTok features. TikTok’s hold on the younger generation is something most companies are on the hunt to acquire. This can be across tech giants in social apps as they are all focusing heavily on videos, vertical ones to be precise. Amazon, Soundcloud, and Spotify have been seen recently with their foray into vertical videos. Instagram and YouTube launches Reels and Short respectively on the same idea and Snapchat also came with Spotlights. This trend is expected to continue and expect more to follow.  


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