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Microsoft has made major investments in DALL-E 2. DALL-E 2 is an OpenAI’s AI-powered system that creates images out of text. On Thursday, during the Microsoft event, among all the announcements of new services, it was made known the arrival of two programs, Microsoft Designer and Image Creator in Bing and Edge. These programs are to be powered by DALL-E 2.

OpenAI systems have grown in popularity since its partnership with Microsoft to bring some of its services to first-party apps. DALL-E 2 seems to be ahead of this popularity since it opens access to a selected few. This has attracted some huge brands like Nestlé, Heinz, and Stitch Fix have piloted DALL-E 2 for ads and other commercial use, while certain architectural firms have used DALL-E 2 and similar tools to theorize new buildings.

Microsoft Designer is a web app that can generate designs for presentations, posters, and other digital designs and more to share on social media and other channels. It uses user-created content and DALL-E 2 to ideate design. It can be altered by the user to match requirements. It also comes with a host of templates for the web suited to these platforms. It comes to all various forms of digital designs.

Microsoft Designer Image credit: Microsoft

Image Creator, unlike Designer, is free to use. It can be accessed through Bing and Edge to create images from text by DALL-E 2’s engine. Microsoft is aware of its potential misuse and it will take precautions by rolling it out to selected geographies. This is to gather information and further improve the app. It is said to be coming in the upcoming weeks.

Image Creator in Bing Image credit: Microsoft


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