Mark Zuckerberg just announced through the official Meta Channel a new feature that allows users to lock their conversations in a protected folder on WhatsApp!

As you can see in this screenshot, the feature is now official as it has been announced through the official Meta Channel by Mark Zuckerberg. Since this is an official announcement, it means the feature will be released to more people on the stable release of the app very soon. To lock a conversation, open their chat info and you should see an option called “Chat Lock” in case the feature is available for your account.

With this feature, locked chats will appear in the “Locked Chats” section and can only be opened using passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID authentication. It’s important to note that locked chats provide an additional layer of privacy by disabling author and message preview in notifications. For added privacy, media shared in locked chats isn’t automatically saved to the phone’s gallery.

When a chat is locked, you can ensure that sensitive information and personal data in that conversation remain secure, even if someone else gains access to your phone. This level of control enhances your overall conversation security and protects your privacy. Note that, even if the screenshot shared by Mark Zuckerberg in the official Meta Channel is taken from WhatsApp for Android, the same feature is also available on WhatsApp for iOS. For further details, you can read the blog post.

The ability to lock chats is available after installing the latest update of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store and WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store or the TestFlight app, and it is rolling out to even more users over the coming days.

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