Apple stated shortly after their event that iOS 15, the next major release of the operating system, will be available to iPhone owners on September 20.

Apple first announced iOS 15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year.

The most significant update in iOS 15 is the addition of a new Focus mode. You may choose which apps and individuals you want to receive notifications from, and you can adjust your focus depending on what you’re doing, in addition to “Do not disturb.” You can make a Work mode, a Sleep mode, a Workout mode, and so on.

There are other new features, including a new Weather app, updated maps in Apple Maps, and an enhanced version of FaceTime, among others. Safari has also been given a makeover. It was a little contentious at first. Since then, Apple has enhanced its new version of Safari by listening to user comments.

In addition, the new iOS version scans your photographs for text. This tool, known as Live Text, allows you to highlight, copy, and paste text in photos. It might also be a useful accessibility feature, as iOS will use that information for Spotlight. You can use Spotlight to search for text in your images and have it pull up related photos. These functions are handled entirely on the device.

If you have an iPhone 6s or later, any model of iPhone SE, or the most recent iPod touch, you can update to iOS 15. It will be accessible for download for free.

The release candidate is already trickling out to iOS 15 beta users ahead of Monday’s general rollout.

Apple has also stated that you do not need to update to iOS 15 if you enjoy your iPhone the way it is. Apple will continue to update iOS 14 with security updates for the foreseeable future.


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