Update: You might have come across claims online about Google “sunsetting Gmail” this year, but it’s actually a hoax. The false information suggests an email from Google stating that “the journey of Gmail is coming to a close.” One example we found was on Twitter/X.

You can relax, Gmail will remain available, but a specific way of accessing it is being phased out, as explained below. Most users have likely been using the “new” Gmail view for a while now, so unless you have been actively using the “basic HTML” view, you shouldn’t notice any changes.

Once again, a Google product is being discontinued. Starting January 2024, Google is ending support for Gmail’s basic HTML view, which allows users to access their emails in a simple format.

Google has updated its support page to indicate that Gmail will automatically switch to the Standard view after the specified date. Users on Hacker News have reported receiving emails from Google informing them about the discontinuation of this feature.

“We’re informing you that the Gmail Basic HTML view for desktop web and mobile web will be disabled starting early January 2024. The Gmail Basic HTML views are older versions of Gmail that were replaced by their modern counterparts over 10 years ago and do not offer the full functionality of Gmail,” the email states.

Even now, if you attempt to access the HTML version, Google displays a message indicating that this version is intended for “slower connections and outdated browsers” and asks for confirmation if you still wish to use the standard version.


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