Facebook is removing a couple of information fields from the user’s profile. This information field includes religion, political views, addresses, and the “interested in” field, the one that shows sexuality. The change takes effect on December 1st as sent in user notifications.

This is part of Meta’s decision to make the platform easier to use. Facebook is filled with a lot of outdated features. Trimming some features makes the clunky platform easier to use. There is an active action to make this possible and these fields are part of such decisions. The fields removed are not offered on other major social platforms.

Most platforms give users the freedom to write a little description in the Bios of their profile without getting into beliefs or views on politics or sexuality. The freedom is given to users to do what they feel like as long as it’s crossing any rules set. It might be something people looked for some years back but it is not a thing anymore. Information in your profiles is at your discretion.


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