The mobile games industry has been playing catch up to the impressive growth of hardware available. It is a result of the focus mostly being on consoles but there have been some massive moves to take full advantage of phones. Backbone, a company focused on augmenting phones with controls of consoles finally released its Android offering.

The company has already released several devices to bring the controllers of consoles to the iPhone. Their products are stretchy grips that are hooked to the phone to provide the controller experience for mobile gaming. Its android counterparts come with a USB-C port in place of lightning connectivity.

Devices will be available for order now but orders will be shipped out at Christmas. This comes as a big gift for games. It comes at the price of its iPhone companion at $99.99. The build comes in black and with neutral A/X/B/Y controls.

Customers hoping for Sony’s PlayStation control should rest assured as the approved devices are on their way. It will come in a white colour like the PS5. It comes with an Android version of the controller’s companion app, which acts as an access hub for your Backbone-friendly games. Voice chat will be available to chat with friends and record gameplay clips with the orange button on the controller.


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