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With Spotify Wrapped being a social media culture as it is, it is of no surprise YouTube Music and Apple Music are making sure their subscribers have the same feel on socials or better. Apple Music has launched a revamped 2022 Replay experience to let subscribers explore their top songs, artists, albums, genres, and more.

Replay comes with a stories-like reel that shows what you’ve been listening to all year. the pages will include animations with music playing in the background. You can also see the top 100 listeners of an artist or genre which is a similar function to wrapped that shows users if they are in the top percentage of listeners of a specific artist.

Image credits: Apple

The feature that sets Replay apart from Wrapped is that users can continue checking Replay until December 31 to see if their listening patterns changed before the start of 2023. The Replay feature will continue evolving until the end of the year.

You can share your 2022 Replay stats, on social media or messaging platforms once you get it. Spotify Wrapped is such an internet social culture as it is because of the ability to share your stats on social media. Something very similar to Apple’s own software update culture. Is no big secret why it has also been made it possible here.


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