Even though the iPhone 5S is no longer eligible for new iOS releases, Apple nevertheless occasionally provides security updates for it. That is exceptional for a phone that is almost a decade old.

With the introduction of iOS 12, the iPhone 5S received its final OS upgrade, yet it is still functional. The 2013-era gadget received a security upgrade this week, specifically a raise to iOS 12.5.7, as noted by AppleInsider. That’s wonderful news for anyone who enjoys making the most of their gadget, even if they don’t own an iPhone 5S.

Even though iOS 12.5.7 is a small update, it’s significant if you own one of the supported phones. It resolves a security flaw that sounds nasty: “Processing maliciously generated web content may lead to arbitrary code execution.” Additionally, it “may have been actively abused” on devices running iOS versions prior to 15.1, according to Apple’s support documentation. Sounds like a terrible situation. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are also eligible, however the iPhone 5S is the earliest phone to receive the update. You should probably download the update if you chance to own one of those gadgets. Actually, we’re pleading with you to.

Apple already has a solid reputation for continuing to support its products well into their sunset years. Even with that being said, an update for a phone that is almost 9 years old is practically unheard of. Android OEMs are committed to prolonging the software life cycle of their products, even though they are not quite at the same level as Apple. Samsung, Google, and most recently, OnePlus, have all pledged five years of security upgrades for certain phones. We adore the current trend, which we anticipate will last through 2023.


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