Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed concern in a new interview about the “endless, mindless scrolling” habit that social media encourages, as well as the general issue that people are “using technology too much.”

Apple’s sponsorship of Shine, an app designed to combat social stigmas around mental health disorders, was discussed extensively in Cook’s interview with Bustle, and is “another great illustration of how technology can be used to help better people’s lives,” according to Cook. Cook added in the interview that “mental health is a disaster” and that he deals with the stress of being Apple’s CEO by meditating and “going out in nature and feeling so insignificant in the world.”

When it comes to online and technology addiction, Cook reiterated a previous statement, saying that “technology should serve humans, not the other way around,” and that he’s concerned that people are overusing technology, and that Apple’s goal is to help them.

“I’ve always believed that technology should be used to benefit people rather than the other way around. And I’ve always been concerned about folks who are overly reliant on technology. As a result, we created Screen Time to try to give people an accurate picture of how much time they spend on their devices, because it’s usually a lot more than they admit.”

Cook went on to say that, despite not mentioning it, “endless scrolling” on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok surrounds users with “negativity.” Apple wants its consumers to use their smartphones to connect with family and friends, not for “endless, mindless scrolling,” according to him.

Aza Raskin, the developer of social media’s infinite scrolling technology, apologized in 2019 for his invention, saying he regretted what it has done to society. He explained that the notion was intended to assist consumers have the “most seamless experience imaginable,” but that it has instead turned out to be a ruse to “keep them online for as long as possible.”

The Shine app, which was named Apple’s best app of 2020, has a “goal to make care for your mental health easier, more representative, and more inclusive” and is available for free on the App Store.


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